Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clear as mud

You open your utility bill, you look at the balance due and you pay it, right? Have you ever stopped to look at all the various "charges" you are paying for?

Two things crack me up about utilities, particularly PSE&G. First, they often proclaim that they make no money on the actual product (gas or electric). Then, they gobble up publicity showing their latest green projects like the recent announcment of their solar initiatives.

So they don't make a dime on product, so where do they get the money to operate and to do all of these touchy-feely projects? The answer is right there on your utility bill. Look on the second page and you'll see the BGS charge and the SB charge and this charge and that charge. All of these charges add up with each turn of your meter.

And so it is indeed you and I and every other rate payer tied to the grid that is actually paying for the latest feel-good project and giveaway and promotion that PSE&G has.

Is it wrong? No, not really. But in our newfound desire for 'transparency' don't you think we should know what we're paying for?

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