Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pot And Speeding

I read an article recently about the somewhat rapid adoption of speeding cameras across our great land. It seems that these cameras can catch you in the act of speeding or running a red light and simply mail you your ticket.

At the same time, California is considering legalizing marijuana so that they can earn some much-needed tax revenue. It could solve their budget crisis, they say. I saw a pro-legalization fella being interviewed on television last night. He said that people are already buying billions of dollars worth of the stuff. The host then pointed out that the stuff is illegal. The guest then quipped, "so is speeding but people do it every day".

In Arizona, the AAA is sending out guides showing where the traffic cams are so that they can help their members avoid a ticket. The politicians say that this isn't fair and that chronic speeders won't get caught if they know where the cameras are.

Ok, these same politicians cried "if we save just one life" or "they make our streets safer for pedestrians" or "but what about the children", when making a case for the traffic cams.

But when push comes to shove the cameras are about the revenue they bring in and not much else.

Just like legalized marijuana.

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